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Having a buyer’s agent gives you more negotiating power – and what buyer doesn’t need that in spades? You want to hold all of the cards when it comes to negotiating with a seller, and you will if Lauren is in charge of the deck.


Nothing compares to the benefit of having a trained and experienced professional on your side.


Here are 5 main reasons why a buyers’ agent is a good idea.


1. Less stress

We are talking less paperwork, less driving around neighbourhoods, less hours worrying you’re missing the perfect property – a buyer's agent saves you valuable time and that in itself is the quickest way to reduce the stress of property purchase.

2. Knowledge and Information

Chances are, property and real estate is not your core business, but that’s okay, it’s ours, and we are familiar with the history and demographics of the area, we know a lot about the title work and the closing documents and the housing laws and the legislation. Use our knowledge to your advantage – it will give the power back to you as the buyer.


3. Your best interests are our number 1 priority

A buyer’s agent has a responsibility to represent your best interests at all times and Lauren works with total loyalty to you, promoting your best interests, disclosing known material facts, maintaining confidential information and accounting for all transactions in a truly professional and unparalleled manner.

4. Saving you money

Lauren knows where to look for the properties that will best suit you and this gives her the edge in negotiations when the time comes to purchase. Her negotiation techniques will save you money off the bottom line.


5. Closing the deal

Don’t have the stomach for confrontation? Hate negotiating? Lauren thrives on the process that is entailed in purchasing a property, from the first viewing to the close of the sale. Lauren’s experience will see you breeze through the negotiation processes and will make buying a property a joy, not a job.

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